How to make urban housing sustainable and high in quality of life.

Hobrecht plan No.2

Nowadays, it is neither economically nor ecologically suitable for growing cities to expand to the outskirts any further. However, as early as the 1870s the urban planner James Hobrecht came up with a solution for building in metropolises that continues to be of relevance today. It is an idea that appeals with its artistic as well as its functional design.

Cost-efficient building

In collaboration with Mars Architekten and a team of building contractors, architects and sectoral planners we have been working on the research project “Typenhaus” of the public housing association “Stadt und Land”. A “Typenhaus” refers to a house constructed out of standardised parts that can be customised for all types of building situations. Through this work key elements for optimizing housing construction costs were identified.

Certification of sustainability

As co-initiator and founding member of the German Association for Sustainable Building (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen”, DGNB e.V.) and co-author of “A Practical Guide to Sustainable Building” (“Praxis-Handbuch für Nachhaltige Gebäude”) we focus on designing sustainable structures that are effective throughout their life cycle and meet their expected values.

Rental Costs Checker

Unlike architectural competitions, urban planning competitions and participatory procedures concerning urban planning rarely include an assessment of costs or sustainability. As part of Mr. Dennis Müller’s bachelor’ thesis, we designed an efficient tool that shows participating citizens, urban planners and decision-makers the effects their choices will have on future tenants.

Honest participation

In the past years, a number of building projects in Berlin have been significantly delayed or thwarted altogether. This has been partly due to civic involvement being executed in an unstructured fashion but also due to the massive exertion of influence by persons with individual interests. The concept of HONEST participation is based on the Canadian charrette and seeks to balance the interests of “house-hunting” and “house-owning” parties, business, trade and the public.


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