19 years, 2 months, 24 days

after my first lecture at Wuppertal University on October 22, 2001 on my first ideas to preserve the Bethanienturm in Weißensee, which is a listed protected monument, I have now found its future patron and we have signed the purchasing agreement on January 15, 2021.

The Project

During the Second World War the Bethanienkirche (Bethanien Church) was almost entirely destroyed in a bombing raid in 1945. Only the tower - 65 m tall - was left standing and has not been used since. To preserve this ruin from further decay and give it a purpose once again this unique project will transform it into a total of 17 extraordinary apartments.

The property of roughly 1.850 m² with a stock of old trees will establish a green oasis in the heart of Berlin-Weißensee

The unique turn-of-the-century architecture gives the tower its compelling charm and will continue to be the fundamental constituent of this landmark design after the renovation. The ruin of the tower is going to be redeveloped on a large scale and extended by an annexe in the shape of the destroyed nave with a brick curtain wall façade.

Three large flats, one on the ground floor and another two as three-storeyed maisonettes from 1st to 3rd and from 3rd to 5th floor respectively, will be situated in the renovated tower and partly the annexe. The rest of the annexe will house 14 further family-friendly flats of 79,6m² up to 132,5 m².

A total of 13 car spaces, an e-bike as well as a bicycle and buggy parking room will be constructed in the basement. It will be accessible via a car lift so that none of the old trees planted in 1902 have to be felled for a ramp.

The design for this original project was developed in close collaboration with Spreeformat Architekten.

A building permission was issued on the 18th May 2020.

A native Berliner will now bring this whole projekt to life and move into the tower appartment with his family.

More information will follow by press release.

The cutting down of trees out of the breeding season has already happened. Executive planning, bidding processes as well as further substantial surveys and preparations for the construction will follow in the coming months. 

Start of construction is planned for the 3. quarter of 2021. Completion is projected during the 2. quarter of 2023, including the planting of the trees replacing the original ones that had to be taken down. 


    Fotos: © Spreeformat Architekten / The Third


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